moderated Re: Static problem has come back

Vaughn Brown

This sounds like a pysical problem. I have JAWS and Duxbury and do not
have this issue. I, too, find this disturbing. What about replacing
the sound card?

On 3/19/18, kevin meyers <kman2020@...> wrote:
Hello, As some of you may know I had the static problem when Jaws speakes.
was able to stop this from occurring by disabling enhancements under the
sound card. I just installed Duxbury software for sending text to my
printer. When in Duxbury the static was back. I went into word and it was
static like it was before. Now it is not just when typing, it is all the
time. I closed out of everything and rebooted. The static noise went away.
went into word and there was no static. I then went into Duxbury and the
static came back. I checked enhancements under the sound card and it was
still disabled. Now what? Is there something on the internet that gives
ratings for sound cards?

Vaughn Brown
Board member of the Clark County National Federation of the Blind
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