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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Mike. I just called VFO to inquire about this new plan, whereby people who have gotten behind in their upgrades for the home version could upgrade to the latest version of JAWS for $200. The lady I spoke with at VFO disputed this. Can you give more information as to the person with whom you spoke?


Thank you.


Bill White



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Subject: JAWS / VFO & Getting Updated From Older Versions To The Latest


Hi All,


The other day I called VFO / Freedom Scientific to see if they had any new financial plans for people that had gotten way behind because of financial difficulties, & wanted to get upgraded / updated to the latest version.  Well, to my surprise what I found out was absolutely fantastic!  A friend needed to be updated because he was at Jaws 11 & he needed to be upgraded to be compatible with the Windows 7 system he is moving to from XP.  Okay to cut this short, I found out people can be upgraded from Jaws 11 to Jaws2018 for $200.00.  The lady I talked to was a Window Eyes transplanted employee & she didn't know how long this financial plan had been in place.  So for all you that need to be upgraded but have financial difficulty, don't be afraid to call & inquire about new financial / payment plans!  This $200.00 plan is only for the Home versions.

Sales Phone#: 1-800-444-4443


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