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Vaughn Brown

Hi John,

Hit alt F, then B for book marks. I just start using google chlone
with Win 10 and JAWS 18. No problems.

On 3/14/18, Dr. Aleksander Pavkovic <a.pavkovic@...> wrote:
Hi John,

yes, Chrome is accessible and most of the navigating and browsing keystrokes
you're familiar with will work there. There are, however, some differences -
the devil is in the detail, as always.
For example, accessing and managing your bookmarks will work differently.
There are certainly many Chrome experts here in the list who will give
further information on those details. Some months ago, a list of common
keystrokes has been posted here, I will have to look it up.
Best regards,

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I've just moved to Windows 10 and would like to start using google Chrome.
Is it accessible and if so, are there different keystrokes.
Finally, are there any sources to learn this browser?
Thank you very much.

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