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Paul Sandoval



Here’s what I just did to accomplish downloading MP3 Cutter.

I did a google search for filehipo mp3cut download.

The first search result was “Download MP3 Cutter 2018.5.0 - FileHippo”

Hit enter on this link.


Once the page loads use the H key to move by headings until you reach

“Heading level 1 MP3 Cutter 2018.5.0”

Now arrow down until you reach “download latest version”. Hit enter here, and if you are using Internet Explorer you will receive the message about the notification bar. Hit alt N to access the notification bar. I always like to tab to save(just in case something goes wrong during installation, you don’t have to search for the download file again). Hit enter on save.

The procedure should be similar for the other file you are trying to download.


Best of luck.


Paul Sandoval

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Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2018 12:11 PM
Subject: Downloading free software




I need some advice, I am trying to download two programs mp3cut and recuva I think that how is spelled.


When I go to sites like filehipo I never can find the download button.


I have been working about two hours just to get thest programs.


Is there a Jaws friendly site to down freeware or sharewere programs


Thank you in advance



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