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Dave Durber

Hello Vlad:

Even though you say you are an experienced computer user, mistakes and accidental cockups can happen to the best of us, no matter how experienced and careful we might or might not be.

The other week, I highlighted a folder on the system drive, which I was certain I wanted to delete, I pressed SHIFT+DELETE, followed by pressing Y for YES, only to find a few minutes later, I had deleted the rong folder. Fortunately for me, I had not added any files or folders, nor had I installed any new software. Luckily, I had previously installed FileScavenger, so, I was able to use FileScavenger to recover the deleted folder. What a Sigh of relief when I got it back!

Unfortunately, one of the negatives in becoming experienced in a subject or process, is that we become over confident in believing we are less likely to make mistakes.


Dave Durber

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Well, I'm only talking for myself. I suppose this is a good thing for someone who know very little about computers and only wants things to work, especially when they are only doing very simple things with their machines. I might be a bit strange, I am very easily annoyed by warnings and questions like "Are you sure you want to do this?", as if I were mentally impaired. I feel like saying: "Of course I want to do it, otherwise I wouldn't press this key, would I?"

But again, things are made for the average user, so I suppose it can be useful to make them stop and think before doing something that may have consequences. Anyway there are ways to disable those warnings for power users.



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