Re: JAWS 13 Hot Key

Adrian Spratt

Mitch, I think this will work:

1. Go to the start menu, then programs, then press j until JAWS 13 is

2. Press enter on JAWS 13, then arrow up or down until you hear simply,
"JAWS." do not press enter.

3. Press the applications key, which is to the left of the right control

4. Arrow up (on my system just once) until you hear "Properties." Press

5. Here you'll be in the shortcut dialog that you may have encountered when
the JAWS icon was still on the desktop.

6. Tab to the blank edit field where you type in the letter you want to use
for the shortcut. Do not press control or alt, which are assigned by

7. Press enter.

Note. I've learned to skip the OK button when creating a shortcut. For some
reason, I, and others, have found that more tabbing can undo the shortcut
you chose. In its instructions, FS also says to press enter right away.

That should do it. I can't test to confirm that the icon will appear along
with the shortcut, since I haven't lost mine, but I don't think the shortcut
could work without it. Would you let us know either way?

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Hi, I had a Hot Key assigned to JAWS 13 and I managed to do this via the
icon on the desk top. This is a major whoop for me.
Now I notice that somehow the desktop icon for JAWS 13 has gone missing.
Of course, I don't know how to remedy this.
Do I need to install from the CD? Or is there a simple way to add JAWS 13
to the desk top?
This is an XP Home O S.
Thanks, Mitch

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