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Remember that man in Hawaii? Who sent out that nuclear warning,, and the warning wasn't a test. But, it was real? If he had seen the are you sure on his computer, that warning might not have frightened so many.

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Well, I'm only talking for myself. I suppose this is a good thing for someone who know very little about computers and only wants things to work, especially when they are only doing very simple things with their machines. I might be a bit strange, I am very easily annoyed by warnings and questions like "Are you sure you want to do this?", as if I were mentally impaired. I feel like saying: "Of course I want to do it, otherwise I wouldn't press this key, would I?"

But again, things are made for the average user, so I suppose it can be useful to make them stop and think before doing something that may have consequences. Anyway there are ways to disable those warnings for power users.



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