Re: JAWS 13 Hot Key

Kimber Gardner

Go to jaws in the programs list and right click. One of the options
you'll hear as you arrow down is send to with a submenu. One of the
choices is desktop which will put a shortcut on your desktop.

Once you have it there it will read something like shortcut to jaws,
so you will probably want to rename it. Do this by right clicking on
the shortcut and choosing rename.

Hope this helps.

On 12/14/11, Dave Mitchell <mitch@...> wrote:
Hi, I had a Hot Key assigned to JAWS 13 and I managed to do this via the
icon on the desk top. This is a major whoop for me.
Now I notice that somehow the desktop icon for JAWS 13 has gone missing.
Of course, I don't know how to remedy this.
Do I need to install from the CD? Or is there a simple way to add JAWS 13
to the desk top?
This is an XP Home O S.
Thanks, Mitch

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