Re: 2018 Authorization Question

Hozefa Tambawala

I am also facing the same issue. I successfully able to activate JAWS
2018 December release but now when I update to the February version,
it goes in demo mode.

I am using manual method to authorize. After entering the key when I
press “Finish” button I am getting the success message.

On 3/12/18, Jonas Voll <> wrote:
I have the same problem on about 5 pc's!
No fix from FS

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Hi,, was there ever a resolution to this? I am having a problem like this on
ly laptop and so far no resolution.

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Have you tried restarting JAWS?

On 10/28/17, Mark Arnold ABG <> wrote:

I checked my upgrade status on the Freedom Scientific website and I am
entitled to an upgrade. I downloaded the appropriate 64 bit version
and installed JAWS 2018. I went through the steps to activate the
program and JAWS informed me that activation was successful. I then
migrated settings from JAWS 18. When I went to the JAWS window and
activated the help menu and then to about. To my surprise, it informs
me that JAWS is running in demonstration mode. Anyone have any ideas why
this is occurring?

Thanks in advance,


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