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I removed JAWS 13.0.638 a(using restore) and am back to using JAWS 13.0.527.

My bad experience was with a web site where I had the "Remember me on this
computer" feature enabled at the logon. Normally I hear my user name in the
edit field when opening such web pages.

With this last update of JAWS (and with no other versions before) I heard a
reading of the lines of one of the underlying script files read on and on
and on. The username was actually there, but JAWS was off reading something
completely wrong. The offending text string was no where on the screen -- it
was just being fed into the synthesizer.

Anyone else seen this behavior? If so please report to FS.

I'm using Windows 7 32-bit and IE 7

Dave Carlson
Sent from my Dell Latitude E6520 using Windows 7, San Francisco Bay Area

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I am also experiencing this. When I checked the screen colors with JAWS, it
said black on black. It's very strange!

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After downloading and installing the latest JAWS 13 update, in Outlook 2007
every message is announced as "not selected." It reads this way when
arrowing up and down in every folder. Anyone else experiencing this


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