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Barbara, the last time I came across a website that had that "I'm not a
robot" checkbox, I had to enter some preliminary info and activate the
submit bu tton. then I had to enter some more info and activate a "get
an audio challenge", listen to it and enter the words it played, then
activate the verify button. if the verification was successful, I then
was returned to the beginning to the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, which
now I could check with a press of the spacebar and then the submit. now
if I return to that website, the checkbox should not appear because I
have been verified to not be a robot. I think this verification process
is stored on the server that stores your preliminary and intermediate
info, but am not sure if clearing the browser's cache or deleting the
cookie for that site wipes out the verification, in which you'll have to
start all over.
I think this is what Google calls their Invisible CAPTCHA project. not
all sites are using it yet.

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Sometimes this happens and you need to try a different browser or even
get sighted help.
On 3/10/2018 1:01 PM, Barbara wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I am a person who migrated from Window-Eyes, so these questions may be
basic.  I am using Windows 7, IE11, and JAWS 2018.

I am trying to set up a login at a website.  It has a checkbox which
says I am not a robot.  I cannot figure out how to check this.  I have
tried space bar, enter, routing the JAWS key  and pressing the left
mouse button, trying the context key and checking the file menu using
the alt key.  I do not find anything which refers to an audio option
or at least nothing is apparent.  Smile.  What to do?

Next both in IE and sometimes in Outlook 2013, JAWS appears to be
slightly off.  In IE, there is nothing on the screen when I use the
arrows.  However often, not always, if I alt-tab away and then alt-tab
back, the screen reads.  Is there a hot key to do this instead of
using the alt-tab?  On a similar vein, I will open an email which has
headings.  I use the h hotkey to move among the information. Sometimes
I get a table view instead.  If I close the email, maybe move up or
down my message list and then reopen the email, it reads fine.  Again
is there a hot key to resolve this without me performing the extra key

Thanks in advance for any help.


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