Re: Connecting Braille-Edge 40 With Screen Readers and iDevices

Paul Sandoval



First I’m assuming that you are trying to connect it via USB?

If so make sure that the switch on the left side of the Edge is forward, or switched away from the braille B. The other piece of advice is that you always want the Edge in terminal mode before activating Jaws. Jaws will not recognize the Edge if connected when Jaws is already loaded. This is an annoying quirk with Jaws.


As for pairing it to her iPhone, start by switching the switch on the left side toward the braille B, or toward the back of the device. Again make sure the Edge is in Terminal Mode. Next, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, VoiceOver, Braille, and double tap on the Edge in this list. You will be prompted for a pairing code on the phone, enter 0000(that’s four zeros) and double tap Pair in the upper right corner. I advise that she uses the phone with a Bluetooth connection and USB connection for the computer.


I hope this helps, I wrote this in a hurry, but I wanted to assist you.


Paul Sandoval

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Subject: Connecting Braille-Edge 40 With Screen Readers and iDevices


Good morning everyone,


                My wife Mary began working from home in January. Until she's been using her Pack Mate for reading book files to be proofread. She's a Braille Proofreader with the Education Service Center Region 20. Thanks to our networking business we bought a Braille-Edge 40 from Hims Inc. and paid cash on the nail for it along with the executive case. When the deal was done we spent over $3000.00. Thanks again to our networking business we were able to skip the rehab line. Hims has been paid in full for this device and the executive case.


                In order to do her work more efficiently when she works here she wants to connect the Braille-Edge 40 to her laptop in order to read files directly from that computer.


                Yesterday we tried connecting the Braille-Edge 40 to the laptop and interface it with Jaws for Windows 2018. First we're not sure if the Braille-Edge driver is included in JFW 2018 or if we still need to install the driver on the CD that shipped with the unit.


                First we selected the "Braille-Edge" driver in Braille Options in JFW and added it to the list of Braille Displays and made the Braille-Edte the default Braille display. At no time did JFW prompt us to install the Braille-Edge driver leading us to believe that the driver shipped with Jaws 2018. We also restarted Jaws after adding the Braille-Edge so these settings would take effect as directed.


                After this process was completed Mary turned on the Braille-Edge 40 and attempted to put it into "Terminal Mode." She was able to select terminal mode but could not activate it using the commands given in the Braille-Edge 40 manual. We're not sure if the Braille-Edge 40 should have been turned on before or after JFW was restarted so Jaws would recognize it so Mary could begin reading her documents directly from the laptop.


                We attempted to contact both VFO and Hims for assistance with resolving this issue. VFO kept us on hold for ages and we gave up in disgust. When Mary tried calling Hims all she got was a recorded message. We have already had negative tech support experiences with Hims. Mary had some other questions. Instead of receiving a callback all she got from them was an E-Mail message giving her the steps to address the issue in question. At least VFO keeps their support lines manned with live agents who can be very helpful when you can connect with them. Considering what we spent with Hims wee expect the same level of service from any assistive technology company we do business with.


                Since Hims has an office in Austin and San Antonio is only a 2-hour drive from Austin there should be no problem for them to send someone down here to help us resolve this issue particularly since it's an employment-related matter. The only Braille-Edge user we know lives in Dallas. If there are Braille-Edge users in the San Antonio area that can assist us please contact us so Mary can have this situation resolved before she starts work when her spring break is over. Here is our contact information:


Peter and Mary Donahue:

Phone: (210) 826-9579


Mary: braille@...

Peter: pdonahue2@...


                Here is where you Peel the Apple List members also come in. We need to pare the Braille-Edge 40 with our iDevices. We each have the iPhone 6+ and an iPad Air 2. If someone could tell us how to properly pair the Braille-Edge 40 with our iDevices that will be very helpful. It wouldn't hurt to have directions on how to pair it with the Mac should we decide to buy a Mac to avoid a situation like this in the future.


                We thought that the inability to reach tech support might have been due to their being at CSUN as that conference occurs in March. Further investigation indicated that CSUN doesn't begin until later this month. Hims should have never left itself volnuurable to being called out on the Internet. Having their phones manned with live tech support would have insured that this message would never have been posted to these lists particularly since we paid cash for the Braille-Edge 40 and the executive case. Had Mary been able to reach someone to help us resolve these issues over the phone or if necessary anon-site visit from Hims this message wouldn't be here today. When these issues are resolved we'll be fixed too. Thanks for reading. Here's hoping someone particularly someone from Hims will contact us to help us out. All the best.


Peter Donahue




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Subject: Re: Dodos are actually diricals, so ...


Yes, this is quite off topic and out of the perameters of this list.  Why waste our time with it?




From: Ashleigh Piccinino

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Subject: Dodos are actually diricals, so ...



     This is totally off topic, but the dodo bird is actually something called a diricawl. Of course, that last bird name might be spelled incorrectly, but look it up when you can/FBWFT. Look this up as well/good book but can’t say any more for fear of being kicked off list. My thread ends here!



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Subject: Re: password manager programs that work with jfw


So is it still possible to buy version 4  of 1Password or has it gone the way of the Dodo?


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Subject: Re: password manager programs that work with jfw

Quick and easy answer: you can't, because it doesn't. Version 4 is not cloud-based, which is why I got it. The more I can stay out of the proverbial cloud, the better. That's the reason why version 6 is subscription-based. You're paying that monthly fee for somebody to maintain your password vault on somebody else's server, which, in my unhumble opinion, is a compromise. I don't like, never have liked, the idea that cloud-based backup means you give your data to somebody else to hold for you, somebody you don't know and think you should trust just because they say you should. Take this to its ultimate extreme, and you'd be right in saying that I don't like banks either. Having worked for two for twenty-six years, what goes on behind the teller's window could fill a book. Yes, they pay you for the privilege of parking your money there, but the things for which that money is used, and how the return on your loan of that money to the bank, called and investment, is gotten, well, it'd curl your hair. It sure curled mine! So keep your data out of the cloud as much as you can. Back up your password vault and give it to a relative to hold, or someone else whom you can really trust, someone who won't charge you for the service.

On 3/7/2018 9:04 AM, John Gurd via Groups.Io wrote:
> Hi Steve
> I already use 1Password on IOS and like it. But when I went to get it for Windows the only paid version I can find is a subscription version where there is a monthly charge paid annually. I am happy to pay, but only once. Where do I get the version without the extra features, and can it still sync with my IOS version using iCloud?
> John
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> Matzura
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> Subject: Re: password manager programs that work with jfw
> No, it is not free. There are two versions,.Verion 4 keeps your passwords in a  encrypted file locally. Version 6 is cloud-based.
> In 1Password, when a appsword is entered on a Website, 1Password
> displayws a dialg asking whether it should save that password. If
> that's what you want, you enter the master unlock password, then
> 1Password prompts you with a name under which to save the Web
> password. This name is usually the address of the Website for which
> the password is required. You can accept the default, or type any name
> you wish, then press ENTER. The way you get 1Password to enter
> passwords for you is by pressing CTRL plus BACKSLASH. 1Password
> prompts for the master unlock password, you enter it, and 1Password does the rest.
> On 3/7/2018 12:07 AM, Jed Barton wrote:
>> Hey guys.
>> OK, so with 1 password, say i have something bookmarked in favorites,
>> i go to that web page, how do i save it in 1password?  I'm assuming
>> it's a free program?
>> The accessibility pretty good?
>> Cheers,
>> Jed
>> On 3/6/18, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:
>>> 1Password.
>>> On 3/6/2018 12:05 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
>>>> Hey guys,
>>>> Any good programs out there for managing passwords with jfw? We've
>>>> all delt with this.  You go to a website and they make you put in a
>>>> crazy password, (not a bad thing) but then you for get.  Sound familiar?
>>>> Any good ideas would be welcome.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Jed

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