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Dave Durber

Hello Joe:
When you connect the external Hard Drive to the computer, do you get no response from the hard drive at all or, do you hear the ascending two-tone signal, which indicates that Windows recognizes that a USB device has been connected to the computer but, you do not hear or feel the external hard drive spin up?
If you do not get any response from the external hard drive at all, all may not be lost.
Break open the drives case, remove the drive, and, if you have one, insert it into another external USB hard drive caddy and connect it to the computer.
Alternatively, connect the hard drive using an S A T A cable, directly to an S A T A connector on the computer's motherboard.
If you have not connected the new USB hard drive caddy to the computer before, you should hear the ascending two-tone and Windows informing you it is installing the new software for the USB caddy. When Windows informs you that the new software has been installed for the USB caddy, If the hard drive spins up and Windows recognizes the Hard Drive, you should hear a second ascending two-tone and a message telling you that the driver software is being installed.
If everything goes well, the next message you will receive, is the auto play message.
If you decide to connect the hard drive directly to the computer's motherboard, when you turn on the system and after Windows has been loaded and you are at the desktop and, if Windows recognizes the hard drive during the start up process, you should hear a message, telling you that the new hardware driver has been installed, then you hear the Auto Play message.
In either case, you should run CHKDSK (drive letter): /f, for example:
chkdsk g: /f
Hopefully, when CHKDSK has finished scanning the drive and you check the results, you will hear that Windows found no errors on the drive.
Good luck if you go ahead and try my suggestion.
Dave Durber

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Good Evening Folks


I am looking to digitize my cd collection in FLAC format. I had digitized my collection  years ago however, an external drive failed  and we are at square one. Anyone know of a good ripping program that will encode FLAC and is accessible with JAWS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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