New here and question on bookmarklets

Astrid van Woerkom

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this list. Have been using JAWS since 2002 but never dug deep
into its features. For this reason, my question may be a bit off. It is:
how do you drag a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar? For instance, I'd
like to drag the subscribe button on to my bookmarks
toolbar, but since it's not a traditional link, I can't seem to open it.
When I click the button and then go to favorites > add to toolbar, it just
adds the main site to my bookmarks toolbar, which obviously
won't open the bookmarklet. I use Windows 8.1, IE and JQWS 15, for your
information. I know that sighted people select the button and then drag it
to the toolbar using the mouse, but is there any wy to do this using JAWS?

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