Re: Jaws 2018 does not Speak at Windows 10 Login

Marten Post Uiterweer


Most of the time Jaws will not speak when turning on my computer. I
don't use fast boot.
When I press space at a specific point, Jaws comes to live. And if no
jaws, then I will start narrator.

not speak

On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 09:30:10 -0000 "John Gurd via Groups.Io" <j.gurd@...> wrote:

I have Jaws 2018 set to speak at login. It works when the PC is taken out of
hybernAtion or Sleep but when I reboot I hear nothing and have to guess or
use Narrator. I know this was an issue which was fixed for most people. Is
anyone else still experiencing this issue?


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