Re: password manager programs that work with jfw

Steve Matzura

KeePass has an API? Interesting. That means theoretically that if it happened to be not accessible, some enterprising programmer could make it so.

On 3/7/2018 8:58 AM, Jonas Voll wrote:
TheAPI for the newer versions are the same, and works good with Jaws!

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May I ask what version of keypass you are using?

I am using keypass, and I think it works pretty good with jaws. Recently I am urged by the program to upgrade to a later version. I have not done so being afraid it will not be accessible.


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Hi Jed,

I don't know for 1Password because here, I'm using an alternate password manager called "KeePass":

It is a multiplatform open-source software which runs on Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS X and Linux. Although I did not succeed in using it on Linux and MacOS due to its lack of accessibility on these platforms, I definitely use it on my Windows 7 laptop and my Android smartphone.

To answer your question with Keepass, the first time you visit a site which requires an ID, you will need to enter it by hand in your Keepass database but then, you simply need to "copy" the user name and password from Keepass and paste them into your browser. In addition, if you also specify the URL of this site in your Keepass entry, you can directly open it from the Keepass window into your default browser.

Finally, I found Keepass quite intuitive and its documentation complete and easy to read.

HTH, Have a nice day. Chris D

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Subject: Re: password manager programs that work with jfw

Hey guys.
OK, so with 1 password, say i have something bookmarked in favorites, i go to that web page, how do i save it in 1password? I'm assuming it's a free program?
The accessibility pretty good?


On 3/6/18, Steve Matzura <number6@...> wrote:

On 3/6/2018 12:05 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
Hey guys,
Any good programs out there for managing passwords with jfw? We've
all delt with this. You go to a website and they make you put in a
crazy password, (not a bad thing) but then you for get. Sound familiar?
Any good ideas would be welcome.


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