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hi Val

Michelle here,

No questions are silly we are here, to learn. my knowledge about password programmes are zero and have been involved with computers for quite a few years.

we are here, to learn and help each other.

Cheers from Aus.

On 8 Mar 2018, at 8:25 am, Val Paul <vpcara79@...> wrote:

Hi Paul!

Thanks for not think too badly of me, and giving me the information.

Maybe i should think about getting it, because sometimes i forget my passwords.

Is it easy to use and install?


On 07/03/2018 18:51, Paul Hunt wrote:
Hello Val. Password managers keep track of all of your passwords. They also create strong passwords for all of your accounts. Since password managers store your passwords, you don’t have to remember them. You just have to know your password manager’s password. Some password managers can manage your debit and credit card information.
I use 1Password. I use an iPhone and a Windows 10 computer. My passwords are accessible from all of my devices.

On Mar 7, 2018, at 11:30 AM, Val Paul <vpcara79@...> wrote:


before i ask this question, don't want you all to think i'm ignorant or dumb!

I am new to computting, and jaws, and would like to know what a password manager and is it better than a normal antivirus?


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