working with file index

Klaus Vielhauer

Hello experts,
Navigating my Network player Library webpage with Internet explorer and Jaws has one major quirks.
If I open the library (1300 lines)
I have on top of the page an area announced as "Navigation region"
next is a line indicating the present task selected "editing library and a button ...(more) leading to a "rescan library menue" that works
the next line shows the numbers and letters in order to scrol thru the library.
Here comes the problem - Jaws reads only the presently selected letter but I have not found a way to view or select another letter.
My wife has no problem to change letters with the mouse.
when I am in The list of albums - announced as "main region" - I am able to scroll with "page down" - this progresses in small chunks and it takes forever til I reach the Bottom of the file.
Please help

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