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Marianne Denning

The Focus 40 fourth generation would be a good choice. It just doesn't have any note taking abilities. That is what I have and I really like it.

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If you are looking fora second-hand display, I have one.  It's a Focus 40 Blue, 4th generation in really good condition.  I’d  be glad to call you & answer any questions you have.




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Good Afternoon


I will preface this message by saying that I am a former low vision user who has become a non vision user and sort of new to many things. Raille displays is one of those where I am absolutely clueless are there any online resources for some sort of primer on the basics of them? Also I am in the market for one so my basic question is since I am purchasing one on my own and budget is of concern I am looking for a second hand model. Having said that do braille displays become obsolete? Meaning where newer operating systems don’t support them etc…I am looking at the Focus line but looking at older generation models because of price point. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.





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