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Make sure the screen is maximized.

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Subject: Jaws does not speak the bottom of the screen

Hi all,


I just plugged in a new screen to my laptop. This screen seems quite larger than the laptop’s embedded screen.


In order to accommodate this, windows adjusted its screen resolution. Since Jaws became really sluggish, I decided to end it and relaunch it. The screen reader was a little bit more responsive but since it was not as good as before I plugged in the new screen, I decided to reboot the computer.


After restarting, jaws is nearly as responsive as before, except for the few bottom lines of the screen. Although it speaks the icons of the taskbar while I navigate through it, it does not braille them like it did before. And, in my favorite text editor, a few lines of text at the bottom of the screen are simply said as “blank”. In order to know what these lines contain, I need to scroll down a little bit and go back with the up arrow for Jaws to really speak their content. A problem for the end of the document.


Did anyone else have such a problem please?


BTW, the computer is powered by Windows 7 64-bit Entreprise Edition SP1 and Jaws version is 2018.1802.78 ILM.


Many thanks in advance for any advice. Have a nice day. Chris D

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