MS Word comment text length limit

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. Has anyone else noticed that JAWS only reads part of long comments in MS Word?

JAWS actually seems to stop reading right in the middle of a word in the comment, which makes me wonder if the limit is
character-based. Very strange. So I investigated further, and JAWS seems to stop reading after 420 characters.

To reproduce, I do the following:
1. Move to a comment bubble containing lots of comment text. I don't know the standard hotkey for this, as I assigned it
to my quick access toolbar.
2. Hit escape to leave the comment bubble text.
3. Hit back arrow to enter the body text marked with a comment.
4. Listen to JAWS read the comment bubble text. If the comment bubble text is long enough, JAWS stops reading. For me,
this happens after 420 characters.

I'm using a fairly old system, so it might be a bug that's been fixed. Windows 7, MS Word 2010, and JAWS 18.0.4534.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced this.

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