Re: Converting audoble audio books from pc to sd card

Kimber Gardner

Hi Val,

If what you want to do is just to move the books from the computer's
harddrive to either an external drive or an sd card, there is no
"conversion" necessary. Just locate the audible download folder on
your computer. Using windows explorer, do a copy and paste to copy
the book files to wherever you want to put them. The names of the book
files are pretty self-explanatory from what I remember though it's
been quite a while since I did this with my own audible titles.

I hope this helps.


On 3/6/18, Val Paul <> wrote:

Can anyone tell me how to convert an audoble audio book from the audoble
app on pc to sd card?

I also have a USB cd drive, which can copy books on to mp3 cd discs.




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