Re: [Bulk] adding scripts to jaws under windows 7 32 bit


well, what you are saying is true, but i have the scripts already compiled and should work when added to the enu folder without having to re-compile them. and even then, re-compiling them wouldn't change the assigned keystrokes unless you have changed them before re-compiling. the file with extention of .jkm should have the keystroke assignments as the .jsd file has the descriptions.

Legend has it that on Tuesday 12/13/2011 06:13 PM, Farfar on Laptop said:

Not specifically your problem, but I've not had any trouble assigning or
reassigning keystrokes to existing scripts. In fact in the Excel scripts
delivered with JAWS 12 they had removed some scripts that I had to paste in
from JAWS 11 and then reassign keystrokes.

When you create the scripts you're concerned with, are you also assigning
the keystrokes from within the scripts themselves, prior to compiling? I
didn't know that was possible. I thought that keystrokes always had to be
assigned after compiling, using the Keyboard Manager.

Dave Carlson
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i have found that when adding scripts say for instance eudora, i
navigate to the jaws 13 under all programs and then to browse my
settings, when i paste my scripts there they show up as the active
scripts, but the assigned keystrokes do not work. i have to add them
all over again. i even have an installer to extract the scripts where
they are supposed to go and that doesn't work correctly either.
anybody having this problem with jaws 13 and windows 7 32bit?

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