Re: computer slow after start up.

Michael Capelle <michael.capelle@...>

also, if you want your computer to be fast, the best and easiest way to do this, is install a solid state drive.

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From: Val Paul
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2018 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: computer slow after start up.

Very cauious a bout replying to this after the recent email that was
received earlier.About the subject your writing on.

The answer to your question Paul, is No i haven't got things sorted, and
nowhere sorted!


On 03/03/2018 22:03, paul lemm wrote:
Hi Val,

There are a couple of easier steps to achieve a faster running PC at start up. Someone did suggest a re install of windows, but if you're running windows 10, which I think from a previous post about something else you said you were you can just reinstall windows without formatting or creating USB drives etc , it’s a really straight forward thing to do using windows 10. The other thing you can do is stop the start up programs running when your PC starts. Again there are a couple of ways to do this and some are quite straight forward. I haven't been following this post so not sure if someone has already suggested these fixes or whether you've sorted the problem yet, but if you haven't let me know and I'd be happy to help


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Subject: Re: computer slow after start up.

Could you please update the subject line occasionally?

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Sent: March 2, 2018 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: computer slow after start up.

Wow! 1.99 per minute! Sorry but it would take most of an hour and that is expensive! I figured with todays tech it would be cheaper!
On 3/2/2018 12:24 AM, Val Paul wrote:
No worries!

Maybe there's a link which would give me step by step of how to do
this. It would have to be very blind friendly, as i've got no sight
what so ever!


On 02/03/2018 04:43, Randy Barnett wrote:
Hi, Sorry I was very busy today. I will check the pricing tomorrow.
On 3/1/2018 12:59 PM, Val Paul wrote:
Hi Randy!

Think it would be very expensive!

Very touched at the good friends i've made through this list, and
who are so willing to help!


On 01/03/2018 20:26, Randy Barnett wrote:
They have phones there. And some have free or cheap international
calling. I will look into my Cell plan and see what it costs me to
call scottland. I know I can get a month of calls for Mexico for 5
On 2/28/2018 2:48 PM, Bill White wrote:
She cannot contact you by phone, as she is in Abberdeen, Scotland.

Bill White

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Randy Barnett
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Subject: Re: computer slow after start up.

If you want to go this way I can walk you through it on the phone.
Private message me if you want.
On 2/28/2018 1:41 PM, Val Paul wrote:
What i really need, is someone who is experienced in these
things, as i'm only a novis, and have never attempted anything as

On 28/02/2018 21:32, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
Some laptop manufacturers install a lot of what's generally
known as bloatware. Only way to really get rid of this and start
with a clean slate is to make a Windows 10 USB installation
stick, make sure you have all your data on an external drive or
in the cloud and then reinstall Windows 10 from scratch
including deleting all partitions, re-partitioning and
formatting the hard drive or SSD.
Once you are done reinstall Jaws and instal the applications you


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Subject: computer slow after start up.

! I have now removed eset Nov32, but there are still quite a few
things on here which i'd be frightened to remove. One of them is
Levono settings, another is Levono companion. I've also got
office 365, and some others which were on when i got the computer.

I have tried N.v.d.a, and this seems to be a bit quicker at
starting up than Jaws.Hi

Sincerely: Randy Barnett
Owner of Soundtique.
Grants Pass, Or.

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