Re: JAWS losing place & going to sleep

Michal Nowicki



I have the same issue. It appears this is a bug specific to JAWS 2018 that FreedomScientific has not yet squashed. The best workaround until FS fixes the problem I can recommend is to set a temporary placemarker (Ctrl Windows k) on the web page just before you Alt Tab away from it, and then navigate to it when you return to the page by pressing the letter k. I hope this helps.




From: <> On Behalf Of Denise J Moses
Sent: Sunday, March 4, 2018 6:52 PM
Subject: JAWS losing place & going to sleep


When I ALT tab between a web page & a word document JAWS doesn’t keep my place on the web page when I return.  Is there a setting to stop this?  I am reading scriptures & want to take notes & then continue reading but it goes usually to the bottom of the page.


Also when I’m in a word document & I pause for a few seconds it is like JAWS goes to sleep.  I have to arrow up & down to read the line or continue typing.  Is there a setting to fix this & why does it do this?


These things happened when I got a new computer & updated Office & JAWS.  I am currently using Windows 10, Office 2016 & Internet Explorer & JAWS 2018

Thank you.


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