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Richard Turner

With Windows 10, you can get to the sounds section of the control panel simply by tapping your Windows key to bring up the search box and typing "sounds" without the quotation marks, and hit enter.
Then, you may need to hit control+tab twice to get to the Sound Scheme tab, then tab a few times to get to the check box for Windows Startup sound.
The default startup sound is located in c:\windows\media
And is creatively titled: Windows Startup.wav

If you want a custom sound, you could replace that .wav file with one wit the identical name.


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Hi, Val. Do what John Covici suggested. Locate your Control Panel and press ENTER.

Once you are in Control Panel, locate Sounds, and press ENTER.

When you see the sounds which will probably be Windows Default, check to see if your Start Up sound is checked. If it isn't, press SPACE to check it. Then TAB over to Apply and press ENTER.

I didn't know that your Start Up sound wasn't checked. In any case, you would have had to turn Fast Start Up off to get your Start Up sound.

Bill White

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Hi Bill!

Tried what you suggested, but when turned on again, didn't get sound.


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