Re: Attention Quentin or Joseph, Personal Accounting Package accessible with Jaws

Richard Turner

I have not checked out Money talks for a long time, but as I recall, it was a nice clean interface that could be self-voicing or work with your screen reader.
It has similar features as Quicken and, at least used to, have the ability to download the bank statement for balancing.
Plus, it was rather reasonably priced.

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I will give Money Talk a try.    I just did not want to do a trial and error search for accounting packages.


I have also tried Quicken Deluxe, various version with no success. Speaking to Freedom Scientific, the only option that they gave me was Cash Manager.      I will report back to the group with my results.


Thanks you all for your input.





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Subject: Attention Quentin or Joseph, Personal Accounting Package accessible with Jaws



I used Quicken successfully for years. I had lost my install and purchased the newest version that turn out to be an accessibility nightmare.


In looking about, what I ended up doing was purchasing Money Talks the APH product that self-voices or works with JAWS, but have not tried it with NVDA, but will and report back. To be honest, since I made that purchase I have not given it the time I should. However it does allow for download of bank account information and lets one do basic checkbook and savings account management.


Your note made me think to look at Quick Books accessibility and the search turned up an older article at AFB’s Access World. The link is at:


It was promising but dated 2014. It mentioned the joint work done by Intuit and  Blind Spot . Reference to Blind Spot is at:

Clearly Quick Books is more than I need and its pricey.  At the Blind Spot I went to their store to see about the scripts and training materials

You can purchase the following there.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018, My Blind Spot JAWS scripts for Quickbooks, and Support Materials


Under FAQs I found:

14) Where can I get the NVDA version of the scripts?

NVDA QuickBooks Accessibility Initiative


Seems a lot to keep my checking account balanced.


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Subject: Personal Accounting Package accessible with Jaws


Is anyone having any success using personal accounting packages with Jaws.  I currently use Microsoft Money and that software has been discontinued by Microsoft.  Recently my bank, TD Bank, has made major changes to their online system and I can no longer export bank transactions to my MS Money.


I heard that Quicken is not accessible and I tried Cash Manager and I really do not like it.  I have 23 years of transactions that I do not want to lose.





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