Re: Personal Accounting Package accessible with Jaws

Carol Smith


I don't know if this will help you, but my brother recently purchased Money Talks from APH.  He says it is pretty diversified and he likes it.  Sorry, I can't give you any further information except that there is a demo for a limited time, I think maybe 15 days or a month.


On 3/4/2018 11:13 AM, M Tobia wrote:

Is anyone having any success using personal accounting packages with Jaws.  I currently use Microsoft Money and that software has been discontinued by Microsoft.  Recently my bank, TD Bank, has made major changes to their online system and I can no longer export bank transactions to my MS Money.


I heard that Quicken is not accessible and I tried Cash Manager and I really do not like it.  I have 23 years of transactions that I do not want to lose.





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