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Haven't used that split screen idea for several years, and I wonder if Excel is capable of doing that? Ann suggests hiding either rows or columns to bring the totals into the viewable area.
Another approach is to assign those subtotals, either as a set of cells, or individual cells to monitors so you can check them with a keystroke. Look up cell monitors in the JAWS help, or assign them in the JAWS+V dialog.
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I am aware of reading the columns and rows which is not the issue. Let me explain in a little more detail I have a 150 row spreadsheet that I use to prepare annual budgets with a multiple subtotal areas for various income/expense categories. I used to use split screens to view one area of the spreadsheet while viewing another area simultaneously I can still split the screen with menus however I don’t know how to tab back and forth between those 2 split areas. Hopefully that makes sense


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Hello. There’s a way to modify your spreadsheets so that JAWS reads the row and column titles as you navigate. Dan Clark did a daisy book on this feature It’s in the JAWS training materials. I use this feature in my spreadsheets.


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A quick question on Excel. I am prefacing this by saying that I was a low vision user before so I am not sure you can do this with JAWS. I work sometimes with big spreadsheets where changes at the top have an impact on cells in the bottom and when I am verifying that all formulas are correct I used to use a split screen. Is there a way to navigate back and forth between those screens with a JAWS keystroke? There is a workaround that I can do by making copies of the workbook but if I can use the split screen I would prefer it.


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