Admin: A Gentle Reminder

James Homuth


It's come to my attention that we've had one or two behavioural issues with people on this list. This is to address those behavioural issues, and the people witnessing those issues.

Not everyone on this list is an expert with JAWS, or with the computer. That's why this list exists. You do not learn a thing if you do not ask questions. For that reason, I will remind members of this list that belittling someone for asking that question is counter to the list's purpose, and will not be permitted to continue should I become aware of it.

I would strongly recommend members familiarize themselves with the list policies. Specificly policies 5 and 6. Failure to abide by this reminder will be treated as a vioilation of those policies, and delt with accordingly. For your reference, I am including those policies below. If you have questions, please take them off-list.

List Admin

5: Keep flaming to a minimum. This is not limited to flaming of each other, but goes beyond that, to flaming of products, opinions, ideas, suggestions,
etc. Constructive criticism never hurts. Flame wars, especially public ones, both drive people from this list and are unwelcome here. either take the problem
to private emails, or report the problem to list administration.

6. Respect the opinions and views of others. This is *very* important in any environment, most especially an online environment where the only gage one
has on a person is what that person puts to writing. If you come off as hostile in your posting, whether you intended to or not, people will take it as
such. Online, "face value" means just that. People make mistakes, people don't always have access to the same information you do. For that matter, people
don't always have the same experience you do. If you know how someone can solve their problem, great. Suggest it to them and/or the list. Do *not* proceed
to tell someone, on or off list, that they have no business posting. Repeat offenders of this particular rule will be banned for a week to 30 days, depending
on the severity. Serious problems will be banned permanently.

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