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Paul Hunt <prhunt1@...>

Hello. There’s a way to modify your spreadsheets so that JAWS reads the row and column titles as you navigate. Dan Clark did a daisy book on this feature. It’s in the JAWS training materials. I use this feature in my spreadsheets.

On Mar 3, 2018, at 6:02 PM, Joe DiNero <joedinero68@...> wrote:

Good Evening


A quick question on Excel. I am prefacing this by saying that I was a low vision user before so I am not sure you can do this with JAWS. I work sometimes with big spreadsheets where changes at the top have an impact on cells in the bottom and when I am verifying that all formulas are correct I used to use a split screen. Is there a way to navigate back and forth between those screens with a JAWS keystroke? There is a workaround that I can do by making copies of the workbook but if I can use the split screen I would prefer it.


Thanks for any help




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