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Hi Steve & all,
this can be done, you can auto start a computer.
Im sure you have heard of the bios.
The way this works is that the BIOS has a button battary that keeps it powered all the time, even if the computer is turned off
You can set a computer to start up every day at a serton time, or you can set the computer to wake up on lan witch meens you can turn your computer on from another computer 100 miles away.
if you google this you will find many pages telling you how to set this up via the bios, as long as your machine isnt to old.
I have pasted a link to 1 of these pages below,
the link may wrap over 2 or 3 lines so you may need to heighlight it & copy it then paist it into the address bar of what ever browser you use.
Once on the page
look for the heading
How to Set Auto Start-Up for a Computer
page link below

Hope this helps

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Subject: Re: Skeduler for turning computer on and off

Every version of Windows back to at least XP,maybe even further, has a program called Task Scheduler. You can certainly add a task to shut the machine down in there. Starting it again, though, I don't think is possible. In fact, I'd go out on a limb to say it is absolutely positively not possible. Think about it: How would a device that's quiet, not taking power, not responsive to any stimuli either internal or external, know, or be told by some external force, that it's time to turn on?

On 2/28/2018 7:45 PM, Nino Dagostino wrote:



Do you know if they make a skeduler to turn off the computer at a certain time.


I download podcasts but I don’t want to sit here until they all download.


I was hoping that there would be a way to shut the computer down at acertain time?


Any help would be appreciated.


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