JAWS and the best accessible webmail software

Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi everyone


The provider of my e-mail-address using Roundcube Webmail as there default. This webmail has a very inaccessible interface for screen reader users - for example I not can select between the folders inbox, Sent etc. with JAWS.


I has tried to change between the themes, but nothing is changed regarding the accessibility. Roundcube Webmail will not told me if they have a special theme for screen reader users, but refer to the provider of my e-mail-address service (web hotel). Here they not can help me.


Has you on this list experience with Roundcube Webmail and an accessible theme, or alternatively with other webmail software's I can install on the web hotel (PHP or ASP) where the accessibility for screen reader users working?


Thanks in advance for the answers.




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