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N K Shackelford

Thanks, Steve. You have been very helpful. My problem didn't actually get solved, but it wasn't because suggestions from everybody weren't right or helpful. As Bill said, Windows side by side, stacked, and cascade are all unavailable, so I think I have tried all I can for resizing browser window that is open.

Again, thanks to all for the help.


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Hi Nance,


You can get to the taskbar by Tabbing three times from the desktop, or pressing Windows + T.

The taskbar has icons for the apps you have open, plus any that have been pinned there for quick access. There is also a blank area on the taskbar. A mouse user can right click one of the icons to get a context menu of options for that app, or right click the blank area for some other options such as the one you want.

With the keyboard, you can't get directly to the blank area of the taskbar. When your focus goes to the taskbar, it lands on one of the icons and if you arrow around, you'll move between those icons.

But you can get to the taskbar's context menu by pressing applications key or Shift + F10 to get the context menu for whichever application you've focused on, press Escape to close it and then applications key or Shift + F10 again and you'll get the context menu for the taskbar itself; arrow down to Show windows side by side and press Enter.

What happens then will depend on how many windows you have open, but basically Windows will try to show all of them in a separate part of the screen. There might be a benefit for sighted users, not for JAWS users.

By the way, you can turn it off again by going back to the taskbar context menu and choosing  Undo show side by side.


If you have two apps open, showing them side by side arranges them so that one app takes up the left half of the screen, and the other takes up the right half. You can do this with the keyboard easily in Windows 7; with focus on an app, press Windows + Left and it will move to the left hand half of the screen. Alt + Tab to the other app and press Windows + Right and it will take up the right half. To undo this arrangement, press Windows + Up on each app in turn to maximise it.


To get the chevron back in the notification area, press Windows and type notification into the search area, then press Enter on Notification Area Icons. That opens a window and you can Shift + Tab to a checkbox. When it's checked, the chevron isn't there; when it's unchecked the chevron appears.


Hope that helps,



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I should've told you I have Windows 7 and JAWS 18. A long time ago, I got rid of the chevron button, and I can't remember how I did it. If anyone knows how to restore this, please let me know. Thanks to everybody for the help.



On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 4:15 PM, N K Shackelford <nance62lady@...> wrote:

I need to know how to be able to right click on the task bar so I can change a setting. I'm told there is an option called "show windows side by side," and I need to be able to try this. Any help is appreciated.

T I A,



N K Shackelford
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N K Shackelford
--Walk on faith and trust in love - Michael Reed--

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