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Gerald, you're absolutely right! Google have simply dispensed with the check boxes that made using the preferences option a doddle.

Many fine words come out from organisations like Google about accessibility, unfortunately the proof of the pudding is all to often in the eating! Oh, and don't bother trying the Google accessible search feature either, you can't make any preference choices on that site!

Darran, another disgruntled user.

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Hi list. Using JAWS 9 and IE 8, I am somehow no longer able to change or select any options on the Google search settings page under options on the Google home page. For example, under the heading Google Instant Predictions, the words On and Off are displayed, but there is apparently no way to select either of these options. Under the Results Per Page heading, the numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 are shown, but there is no way to select the option you want. And when I hit Space or Enter on the Save Preferences button, nothing happens. I have cookies enabled, so that's not the issue. JAWS announces that there are no check boxes or radio boxes on the page. I never had problems with the Google Search Settings page before. Previously, the settings could be changed by selecting the appropriate check box or radio box, but JAWS either no longer recognizes these boxes on the Search Settings page, or they have otherwise been eliminated. Did Google change the Search Settings page so that it is no longer JAWS accessible? Or am I missing something? Can someone explain what the heck is going on with the Google Search Settings page? Thanks for any help.


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