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Hello. I use the Wells Fargo web site every day without any difficulties at
all. I'm using Windows 10 with JAWS 2018 and the VFO recommended version of
Firefox. The layout is different but accessible. Here are the steps I use to
get to my accounts.
1. I log into the Wells Fargo web site.
2. I press the B keyhstroke until JAWS says "Accounts Button Collapsed.
3. I press the Enter key.
4. I press the JawsKey+Alt+M keystroke to move to the Control Element. You
must be on the Accounts button to do this.
5. JAWS puts you on the View All Accounts in one place link.
6. Press the Enter key to activate the link.
7. Use the B keystroke to find the appropriate account button.
Press the Enter key to get access to your account.
Once you're in the account area there's a button to switch accounts which
bbrings up a list of buttons for each account.
The Wells Fargo web site uses Aria. Once you get used to the layout, it
should work fine for you. I use billpay, transfer money and send money with
I hope this helps.

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has anyone been able to use the wells fargo web site with jaws 18 or 2018?
with firefox 52 esr or i e 11 with windows 7?
they changed the layout this month.
i have no problem with window eyes 9.5 or n v d a.
i can open the menus and click on account summary but i can't go any further
i can't get the checking link or the dollar amount i have in the account.
or open the list of payments i made.
this is suppose to be a web site developed for jaws users?
i think not.
once i switch back to window eyes i have no problem with any of the web
vewing and makeing payments, transfering funds between accounts etc. , work
fine with window eyes or nvda. but not with jaws.
i have the same issues useing the chase bank site. i get no where with jaws.
no problem with window eyes or n v d a

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