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Bob Hicks

Thanks, I thought 2017 was the Dodgers year!  Go Pirates!


Have a great day!


Bob Hicks


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Subject: Re: running Jaws 2018 repair


Hi Bob,


When you get the prompt to run a repair, have you tried tabbing to, Repair, or to find radio buttons for a Repair option?  Also,

are you installing using the update feature in Jaws, or have you downloaded the executable, & running that?  Try downloading the executable, using the correct link for your system from below.


Below are the direct download links for the February Jaws update,
J2018.1802.78, + what's new in this release.


32 Bit:



64 Bit:



Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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From: Bob Hicks

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Subject: running Jaws 2018 repair


At home, I am running Win 10  1709; home edition; Jaws 2018 Pro; and, when I try to install 2018  .78, I get an error message and Jaws suggest I run a repair on Jaws and try again.  I am running a Dell 15-5559 laptop.  I cannot find repair on my computer.  Where is it?


I am not sure if that is all the information I should include, please forgive me if not.


Have a great day!


Bob Hicks


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