Would I use a New Voice Profile for This?

Dani Pagador

Hi, Everyone.
More often than not nowadays, I need to proofread Braille copies
against the print originals. I was embossing the originals and reading
that copy with one hand while reading my work with the other.

I want to be able to listen to the original, with things like the
punctuation and font attributes--italics, for example,--announced,
while I read the hard copy of the Braille translation to check for
things that may need to be corrected.

I know that the JFW user can change what is announced in the sound
scheme, so I've been doing that.

But I've been changing things back so I don't have all that
unnecessary stuff being given to me when I don't want it e.g., reading
something for pleasure.

Would it be more efficient to create a new voice profile?

I've seen it in passing when I've browsed the Help file, but haven't
thought of how the voice profile can be applied. Any thoughts?


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