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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

Eset definitely slowed my wife's computer down.
I think it depends on each person's particular configurations.
Sieghard is right though, with Windows Defender, you really do not need Eset.

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On Feb 26, 2018, at 9:28 PM, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

On the other hand there is no good reason to pay for anti virus software since Microsoft comes with very good free anti virus protections in the form of Windows Defender. I assume the person from the Disability Help Desk would have checked this, but make sure you don't have both Microsoft Defender and Eset NOD32 running since this could definitely cause problems.

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I doubt that NOD32 would be slowing down your computer significantly. I use the same product, and it isn't affecting my speed after logon.

Bill White

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Subject: computer slow just after logging in

Hi Everyone!

Don't know if you remember, I was on about my computer being very slow after logging into windows startup? I contacted the microsoft disability desk yesterday, and got a very helpful lady who gave my pc a right going over!

She thinks it could be my Eset Nov32 antivirus that could be slowing things down, could this be the case?

She did clean my computer up a good bit, and removed things which she said i didn't really need.


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