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Andrew J. LaPointe

Hi, I had the same problem at one time and found that it had to do with
graphics. I had a tech come here and he closed down many of the pics and
things and solved the problem. Andy and Shubert.

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Sounds like a reboot would be the first thing to try. If that doesn't do it
then do a JAWS repair. If not that, then look at the keyboard or mouse to
see if there's a button that's stuck in a contact position. If not that,
then whack the computer with the palm of your hand and head for the nearest
Best Buy.

Sounds like there may be some other process running that's grabbing a whole
lot of computer resources. Is there an anti-virus scanning in the
background, or a file backup? How about if there's one of those
computer-based or Microsoft automatic updates going on? Take a look in the
system tray for these types of things.

Dave Carlson
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Hi All,

Afriend is having a problem with her keystroke response time & we're trying
to figure out if it is a Jaws issue. Here is what she has to say.

I'm using Jaws 11 on a laptop and desktop both using Windows XP. On both of
them, I can wait several seconds after I have pressed a key, before
Jaws either echoes it or responds to it.

Do any of you have any ideas as to how I can decrease the wait? All help
will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, take care.

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