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Christopher Zeigler

Hello this is Chris
Download the latest installer of Jaws for your version then when that's downloaded open that twist the Run box then put a space then put a slash no space here then type:repair add the Flash in front of that then press Ctrl shift enter press all those together that will force it to run as an administrator and then it should come up and say Jaws repair

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This is marv here; how do you run repair on jaws 2018 64 bit? Thanks.                                                                    


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Hi Bob,


When you get the prompt to run a repair, have you tried tabbing to, Repair, or to find radio buttons for a Repair option?  Also,

are you installing using the update feature in Jaws, or have you downloaded the executable, & running that?  Try downloading the executable, using the correct link for your system from below.


Below are the direct download links for the February Jaws update,
J2018.1802.78, + what's new in this release.


32 Bit:



64 Bit:



Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: running Jaws 2018 repair


At home, I am running Win 10  1709; home edition; Jaws 2018 Pro; and, when I try to install 2018  .78, I get an error message and Jaws suggest I run a repair on Jaws and try again.  I am running a Dell 15-5559 laptop.  I cannot find repair on my computer.  Where is it?


I am not sure if that is all the information I should include, please forgive me if not.


Have a great day!


Bob Hicks



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