Task switching problems... Microsoft Wirless Keyboard, JAWS 13


I have 2 Dell XPS desktop pc's running Windows 7. Both have the wireless MIcrosoft keyboard & mouse.
One has this issue, and the other does not.
The issue is this.
It will be working fine, and then, the focus will go to the Pin this Program to the Taskbar.
And when this happens it also prevents any longer being able to use ALT + TAB to switch between programs.

You really cannot be even working in a document when it starts up, as the focus will just fly down to the taskbar with this bunch of pin thingies.
Only way to get back to your document or program is to go to desktop, and TAB to your program in the taskbar and hit ENTER. But even then you will not be left alone, and soon lose focus.
Once it starts, the only thing to do is close all programs and reboot. And hope the problem will not start for a while, so you can get some work done.

The keyboard and mouse connect to the USB ports where you would connect to a wired keyboard.

Is there anyone else who has had this problem? Or who might have a solution?

I could use a rescue!

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