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Hi, Jim. I looked at the website, and there are no "tabs" on the web page. If there are tabs on the page as there are sometimes on the Google Voice page, it will say something like the following as you arrow down through the page:

Messages tab, phones, tab, voice mails tab, etc.

If you encounter a web page which does vocalize different tabs on the same web page, they can typically be selected by pressing the Space Bar. You will hear a sound like that of a form field opening in JAWS, and it will voice the current tab and say selected.

Bill White

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I’m hoping someone could give me some tips regarding something I just discovered.
How does one view various tabs within a website using JAWS?
The reason I ask is because my music trio has a website, and when asked if it was accessible to me, I went to it and thought it was but also thought it had very few items on it.
Only later did I find out, by my sighted bandmate, that there are more than one tab on the site. I wasn’t quite sure how to move to a different section within that site.
Any ideas regarding how to better navigate?
If anyone wants to look at it, please feel free to go to and check out not only our website but our brand of folk music as well.
If anyone has any better tips, please let me know.

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