Re: Finding duplicate files with Jaws

Robert Logue

Yes. I am using Windows explorer and checking my itunes folder. The problem is seeing all the files grouped as duplicates.  Not sure how to sort and filter to see them.


On 2018-02-22 6:26 PM, netbat66 wrote:
you don't need itunes to find the songs.
try looking in your account in my music/itunes /media folder.
set the view to details. then at least you will see the dates the files were created.

-----Original Message----- From: Robert Logue
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 4:46 PM
Subject: Finding duplicate files with Jaws

My Itunes folder is full of duplicates. The drive is getting full.  I
follow instructions in Itunes to find duplicates but don't know which to

I'm also trying out an older program called DupeGuru.

It shows results in a table but I'm not finding it easy to mark items.
Some icons aren't spoken with Jaws.

Anyone suggest abetter app for this job?


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