speech on demand

Tom <tomcat509@...>


Using W10 latest Home 64 bit and Jaws 2018.1802.78


After downloading and installing Jaws  a couple of days ago without a problem, I have now encounted one.

Well, maybe I am doing something incorrectly.


Trying out the new feature, Speech on Demand by pressing Jaws, spacebar s  gives a very different result from that as demonstrated in the December FS Podcast. When Jonathan used the above key combination his system said either “Speech on Demand” or “Full Speech”. My system says “Speech on” or “Speech off” and that is all.


With the speech off none of the reading keys like insert up arrow says anything.


As this feature was not tried prior to the recent update, it is not known whether it has ever worked.


Could someone try this featureand see what results are   obtained?









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