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Francisco Salvador Crespo

In the meantime, if anybody can't get sighted assistance, the Microsoft disability answer desk can be reached by phone at +18009365900

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This inaccessible window also pops up in the configuration of Exchange accounts, such as most work and school accounts. We should report the issue to both FreedomScientific and Microsoft.


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Subject: Re: configuring Outlook 2016 with an account

Thank you Mario, I will give this a shot.
Stan B

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Subject: configuring Outlook 2016 with an account

for anyone interested, the solution to the subject is there is a window that pops up (that appears in Windows, not Outlook) that asks for your account address and password that is not detected or accessible with either JAWS, NVDA or Narrator.

after starting Outlook, the configuration wizard comes up to setup the default profile to establish a connection and retrieve your email.
activate the yes buttons for the first two dialog and type in your name, account address, password, and again to confirm the password is correct, and finally activate the next button. once the mysterious window asking for your address, password and activating the next/OK button is accessed and completed, Outlook 2016 will connect with the account.

as far as I can tell this frustrating experience occurs if Outlook 2016 is operated in Windows 10. I'm not sure if this also occurs in Windows 7 (probably not).

so, if you have an account that you'd like to use with Outlook 2016 (and possibly 2013) you will need sighted assistance. grrr.

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