Re: accessible anti-malware?


I've heard that the Windows Defender on Windows 10 is fairly decent,
which is antivirus and antimalware rolled into one program. it already
comes with Windows 10, so no need to install it, just start using it.

if you're talking about Windows 7, there is Microsoft's Security
Essentials which is only antivirus and Windows Defender which was
antispyware. it may be advisable to seek a third party antimalware
solution for Windows 7 because MSE was rumored (true or not) to not be
very good at catching the nasties floating around out there on the
Internet. one such (popular) program was/is the free or paid Avast.

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Hello fellow listerrs,

I know we've dealt with this subject in the past, but can someone tell me a
fairly decent anti-malware software.


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