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Hi David. There is the alt key which is the option key, the Command is the Windows Key. If you put your Jaws into Laptop Layout your Jaws Key becomes the CapsLock key. Although the Mac does not have a Numberpad once you put Jaws into Laptop Mode it has commands to establish the things you do using the Numberpad on a Pc. If that's your question. Now one thing to remember is some things totally depend on the way your installing Windows. Parallel which is a program to Load Windows is inaccessible. VmWine Fusion is good but needs a purchase and another thing about it is that if you use that to load Windows the Jaws Key becomes a prolbem and you have to remap it using things like SharpKeys and bind with another key. Sometimes you may not have speech or you may have trouble with using key commands when moving between the Operating System since you don't reboot. I love MacOs and Windthes both which means to have the best experience I use Bootcamp which is from Apple where you load one operating at a time and this creates no clutter like it does with VmWare. It is also free. If you wish to ask questions and if this goes off topic for the Email List just email me privately to ask questions. I'm in Grade 9 but have used technology enough to assist at some degree. My email is owaisipatel@.... Hope this helps.    


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I want to convert my Mac Book Pro to a windows 10.  My question, is it problematic when it comes to key strokes as the Mac Book Pro does not have a numeric keypad.  Just numbers at the top.  Also, what about the insert or JAWS key. The mac is 5 years old.  Hardly used, this is why I wanted to convert it to a Windows 10 computer.  Using the Mac is to combersome.   David & his pack of dogs. Benny, no longer with us, Champ, Kendra, Richie, Sheena and Carmine.

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