SSH client recommendations?

Garry Turkington


I know this one comes up semi-regularly but I thought I'd get the
current state of play.

I need access various Linux hosts via SSH and am always looking for a
better experience. I've used the CygWin ssh client in the past though
accessibility wise I've found that less friendly in later releases and
on Win 7 64-bit. Current solution of choice has been Teraterm using
some modified public domain scripts and that generally works well.

However, this setup does suffer from erroneous reading of previous
text on the screen and in particular gets worse when moving beyond
80x24 characters.

I also tried this with JFW 13 and things were much less happy than
with JFW 10/11/12, I just couldn't get the script to automatically
read new text to work correctly.

Anyone else got a good day-day solution? I think my key requirements
are accurate reading of new text as it appears, decent cut/paste from
other windows and ideally working outside 80x24 chars.


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