Re: FW: [win10] Version 1709 and beyond: screen readers must support uIA notification event in order to announce various things from apps #winten1709 #winten1803 #advisory

Steve Matzura


Here's a strange one for you. I posted this before, but it might have been in a thread in which you weren't interested. But I bet this will be of interest. It's regarding Calculator.

I have two Windows 10 systems, one generated from version 1603 and up-to-date as of this morning, and another generated from the version 1709 Fall Creators Update, also up-to-date as of this morning. On the newer system--the one generated from the FCU--Calculator does not read results automatically JAWS Key + Q reports the application name is Microsoft.WindowsCalculator. On the older system--the one generated from version 1603--calculation results are read correctly, but on that system, the application name is ApplicationFrame.dll. What do you make of that difference--not just the application name difference, but the screenreader behavior difference, too?

On 2/23/2018 12:46 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


First, apologies for mentioning competition, but I felt it is best to do so given the overall context. Second, the advisory is deemed major (to severe for some cases) and is applicable for people running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and beyond. The source of this advisory is a Win10 forum hosted on Groups.IO at

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